SanFoot TransTec™

The Natural Beauty of Real Wood Shines through with TransTec® transluscent veneers.

Imagine a veneer sliced so thin, that light could permeate it to produce an incredible illumination. That is TransTec. Available in all species, TansTec is a transluscent veneer that is applied to a semi clear backer to deliver a strong, flexible transluscent product that can in turn be bonded to transluscent sunstrates such as plexiglass and glass.

TransTec at Alice Tully

Imagine the possibilities. Back lit feature walls and reception counters, back lit ceiling panels and light fixtures. Signage that is both functional and beautiful. The possibilities are endless.

TransTec is solid in appearance when not back lit, and can be stained to match SanFoot wall coverings and other millwork components.

Choose from the wide variety of real wood, "AA" architectural-grade veneer species, cuts and colors allowing for versatile integration of wood tones with overall design patterns. Installation procedures are simple using clear contact adhesives and inexpensive substrates. All TransTec sheets are prefinished with two polyurethane coats with a 30% sheen. Custom Elite finish and stains are available.

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