SanFoot RealTec™

RealTec®. The Natural Beauty of Real Wood the Magnificence of "Fiddleback Figure"

RealTecĀ® Technically Enhanced Wood Veneer is manufactured using a unique, proprietary process that physically alters standard, readily available, quarter-cut wood veneer. Consistent, from sheet to sheet, RealTec offers the largest number of figured, sequenced sheet wood veneer in the industry. The "fiddle-back" figure cannot be sanded out, nor will staining or dyeing affect the distinctive appearance. RealTec is available in both SanFoot and SanPly products.

RealTec Afromosia QC
RealTec Anigre QC
RealTec Bubinga QC
RealTec African Mahogany QC
RealTec Makore QC
RealTec Mutenye QC
RealTec Ovangkol QC
RealTec Sapele QC
RealTec Sycamore QC

Until now, we could only ever tell if a veneer would exhibit the unique "fiddle-back" figuring when the log was sliced. When we found that figured veneer we couldn't predict the consistency of figure or volume of veneer that we could create from that special log.

RealTecĀ® "fiddleback" figure is available in a number of species. Because the figure is a seamless part of the veneer manufacturing process, you can be assured of consistency and availability.

Choose from the wide variety of real wood, "AA" architectural-grade veneer species, cuts and colors allowing for versatile integration of wood tones with overall design patterns. All RealTec sheets are prefinished with two polyurethane coats with a 30% sheen. Custom Elite finish and stains are available.

Improving availability, consistency of finish and therefore price stability, FineTec is a real solution to finding natural wood alternatives to replace hard to acquire species.

Utilizing unique techniques, SanFoot's FineTec range of wood veneers are created by taking abundantly availabe species (usually FSC) and staining and restructuring them in a way so as to mimic hard-to-acquire species. These processes, different from FineTec specie to FineTec specie, can also be stained, made transluscent or fabricated as a traditional veneer to compliment the SanFoot Wallcovering.

From ZebraWood to Ebony, Ash to Wenge, FineTec affords you uncompromised design capability without sacrificing budget or availability requirements.

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