CompactWood® Natural Real Wood Phenolic

Architectural quality wood encapsulated within phenolic compact sheet. Uncompromising natural beauty to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

Solid Performance

CompactWood® is real wood fused within phenolic and melamine sheets to provide uncompromising impact resistance

Impervious to Water

tested to the most demanding specifications, CompactWood® even withstands 48 hours in boiling water!

Huge Selection

With over 100 species, multiple cuts, and endless standard and custom stains to choose from, the design pallette is endless.

Ultimately cleanable

Virtually impervious to cleaning agents and chemicals, food safe surfaces

Flat or Curved

CompactWood® can be formed into unique curves and shapes

Fire Rated

CompactWood® is Class 'A' Fire Rated and is tested to comply with US, Canadian, European and Asian Fire Test standards

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